Office and store

Our store supply is limited so please bring most of what you will need with you.  The closest grocery shopping is at Alexis Creek or Tatla Lake, both of which are 45 minutes away. There is a small store at the gas station at Redstone which is only about 10 kms away and the gas station at Redstone has very reasonably priced gas. The closest liquor stores are the general store in Alexis Creek or inside the Graham Inn at Tatla Lake. Kokanee Bay Fishing Resort does keep some grocery essentials.  We have pop in the fridge as well as chips and chocolate bars. We also carry a small selection of grocery items so if you run out of something or forgot something, check out our store and hopefully we will have it for you. Should you need something that you can’t see in the store, please ask as we may have what you need in the house.
Kokanee Bay Fishing Resort has small hunting, camping and fishing supplies, tackle, worms and we generally carry what will catch fish on Puntzi Lake…no guarantees though!  We also have games and books you can borrow. We carry various tourism magazines and most of them are free so stop by and check out the office and store. We also carry the Chilcotin Map Book. The store is where you check-in when you arrive at Kokanee Bay Fishing Resort so you will get a sense of what is available then.
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